High School Genealogy Class

Left to Right; Tanya Pirus, President of the E.R.G.S, Gabriela Berber, Aaron Conley, Danielle Wallschlaeger, Terrence Satran, Taylor Krueger.

Northland Pines Students Find Their Roots

In March, students at Northland Pines High School had the opportunity to take a class in Genealogy: The Study of Family History. The program was part of a Friday Focus Forum that gives students a break from everyday classes to study something new. Tanya Pirus, President of the Eagle River Genealogy Society, showed students how to fill out Ancestral Charts, Family Group Records, and Research Checklists. The students learned how to conduct online research enabling them to locate birth and death records, census records, immigration, and naturalization records. At the end of the class, each participant received a binder complete with all the forms needed to continue their research. 

If you have any questions or would like more information about Genealogy, please contact the E.R.G.S. @ eaglerivergenealogysociety@hotmail.com. 




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